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  •      Active equity investment management
  •      Long only and unconstrained
  •      Independent and highly transparent

Bedlam's sole purpose is to manage global equity portfolios on an active, long only and unconstrained basis. We aim to buy the best companies in the sectors with the most attractive valuations irrespective of indices. The investment team is five professionals with broad experience. Each analyses sectors on a global basis. The total headcount is 13. Funds under management currently exceed £350 million and are primarily from the UK, North America and Australia.

Accounts investing globally are Bedlam's core business. Our three flagship strategies are global equity, global emerging markets and global equity income. All accounts are managed in the same way using the same team-based investment process.

Bedlam Asset Management plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (212757)



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    Fund A Share B Share
   Global £208.24 £217.82
   Emerging £233.64 £233.69
   Global Income £101.57  
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